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Board of Trustees

Rev. Cindy H. Autry

Executive Director, Higher Education & Campus Ministry

Georgia United Methodist Commission


Dr. George C. Bradley

President, Paine College


Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight


Attorney Sharyn Doanes-Bergin


Bishop Kenneth W. Carter


Rev. James Cason

District Superintendent Statesboro District

The United Methodist Church


Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield

General Secretary Department of Christian Education

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church


Varnell Gaines


Ms. Eileen Littlejohn


Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh

Faculty Representative to Board of Trustees

Paine College


Dr. Silas Norman, Jr.

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Paine College


Mr. David Peterson


Mr. Lucius H. Pitts, Jr.


Dr. Louise Rice


Reverend Dumas Shelnutt Jr.


Mr. Fred Thompson

American Professional Services, Inc.


Bishop Benjamin Michael Watson


Rev. Jerry D. Woodfork, Sr.


Ms. Jill Andrea Ballesteros, SGA

Student Representative, Board of Trustees

Paine College



Bishop Marshall Gilmore

Attorney Robert L. Bell

Bell Law Office


Dr. Ora McConner Jones


Mark C. Callaway

Ms. Jessye Norman



  1. The Paine Defender says:

    Dear Fellow Paine Family Members:

    As you know our school is in peril. Due to the actions of a self serving few we find ourselves on the precipice of the loss of accreditation. We must now focus our attention on the Board of Trustees.

    The Paine Project asks that all interested parties by email, letter or carrier pigeon, (we don’t care how) get the word to the members of the Board of Trustees that we expect them to terminate the contract of Dr. George C. Bradley as the 14th President of Paine College.

    The Board is scheduling a board meeting in Atlanta for July 25th. We have until then to state our case for his termination. Some board members have not even been notified of the meeting. These are the tactics of the Bradley administration to stifle dissent and to prevent the normal operations of a Board of Trustees. We need you to contact all board members. There needs to be a concerted effort on the part of the Paine community of interested stakeholders to hold the Board of Trustees accountable.

    The email addresses of the Board of Trustee members can be found on under the Financial Mismanagement Tab. Please get the message to other members of the interested Paine community. Stay tuned. We can make this happen.

    The Paine Defender

  2. Mira Hobbs says:

    I am greatly disturbed by the information regarding Paine’s financial, accreditation, and staffing issues. This is not the Paine College that I graduated from in 1985. Paine alumni have been lax regarding our institution, but I am willing to do everything I can to spread the word concerning this site as well as contacting the BOT to remove Dr. Bradley immediately. Thanks to all of you who have the courage to be whistleblowers and bring light to these issues of gross mismanagement!

  3. Tekeya L. Peterson says:

    Operation Take Back! Let’s GO!!!!!!

  4. Grady L. Cornish says:

    Dear Paine College Board of Trustees:

    Ladies and Gentlemen this communication comes not to underscore what we all know and that is the future of Paine College is very fragile. Rather, it comes to talk about the significance of stability, transparency, effective and timely communication, and collaboration as we sail through these difficult and challenging waters with the collective aim of preserving Paine College.

    If this Board of Trustees can, without help from outside sources, address the money and accreditation issues that confront Paine College please disregard what follows. If, on the other hand, the answer is no and there is an admission of need for outside help I have some thoughts for you to cogitate. Help can be acquired. It must be earned and deserved. Getting help requires transparency, effective and timely communication, collaboration and consultation. A significant decision in secrecy and isolation retards help. People will say you made the decision now you pay for it.

    The recent decision of by the Board of Trustees to get another captain to navigate Paine College through these difficult times ushered in hope that the necessary action was being taken to preserve the institution. A few days following the appointment of Dr. Sullivan, Dr. Norman told me that Sullivan has complete authority. In this short time Dr. Sullivan has demonstrated what is needed …thoughtful deliberation and decisiveness. He has taken some necessary cost cutting and personnel actions. Fleet reduction, calling in credit cards, and removing an individual from a position of authority who was not qualified, as noted in SACS sanctions, and another who was associated with the perception of nepotism. These changes were necessary. They not only sent positive signals to stakeholders and friends but also provide effective fundraising narrative.

    The Paine College Committee, which is comprised of the well respected Mr. Quincy Robinson, Mr. Michael Thurman, and Dr. Lester Jackson was getting excellent corporation and felt substantial progress was being made to position the school to respond to SACS. Today they are wondering whether it is worth their time to continue. At this moment, their continuation is up in the air. Mr. Robinson is here and can speak more authoritatively on the matter.

    Based upon the progress being made under the leadership of Dr. Sullivan, just this week the Action Committee of Paineites and Friends had discussed whether it was time to shift fundraising away from mounting a significant legal assault for accountability to directing funds to Paine College instead. The dismissal of Dr. Sullivan puts those discussions on hold.

    I am told that Dr Sullivan’s report to the local alumni group this past weekend was more than warmly received. He was transparent and convincing, which is vital to the confidence rebuilding Paine College needs at this time. I received calls from several in attendance expressing their commitment to give $1,000.00 to Sharon’s fundraising initiative and challenging me to give my $5,000.00.

    Stability is of the essence right now and keeping the steady hand of Dr. Sullivan at the helm is vital. His departure will not only send the wrong signal to the wider community it will undercut and undermine the help Paine College needs most.

    Do the right and most effective thing. Rescind the action of the Executive Committee and put Dr. Sullivan back where Paine College needs him at this crucial moment in its history.

    Most Sincerely,
    Grady L. Cornish, PhD, ‘69

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