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New Board of Trustees Page


We have added a new page to the Paine Project website.  It is called The Board of Trustees File. See it at or click here to immediately link to the page called The Board of Trustees File.

Our sources inside Haygood-Holsey tell us that the Board of Trustees meeting for July 25, 2014 is probably not going to happen as no notices of the meeting have been sent to Board of Trustees members.  Please call, write or email all board members to demand a vote on the continued employment of Dr. Bradley and his administration at Paine College.  Paine deserves better.



  1. V.C. Reid says:

    The last two Presidents of Paine College, Shirley Lewis and now Bradley are two in the same. They bring in no funding, rather, they spend their time policing they yard–Shirley Lewis was even worst than Bradley (CME church where are you?).Okay,back to the current issue, the past Board chair was friends to Lewis and turned a deaf ear, and this one is doing the same. Paine College needs fresh new blood at the top, a person(s) who will move the institution forward. The Board Chair is derelict in his duties not to supervise and insure that these things are happening. I am so pleased to see someone finally step up to the plate and put this information out there for the world to see. Shame on you Bradley, shame on Shirley Lewis, and shame on CME Church for allowing this to happen, shame, shame, shame on you all. And, when people are asked to leave, they are ushered out by the police to humiliate and intimidate. Now, how is that different from White folks who do it to us? It is so sad that we must take these measures to get someone’s attention, Remember, this is an institution of higher learning, it is not a prison with guards and inmates.

    • shellyg22 says:

      From my experience in this organization,from life, and from what i have learned in NJROTC and AROTC is trouble or problems in an organization comes from the bottom up. If there is a problem or concern it’s probably stemming from complications in the manager and/or micro manager positions, not the top. The problems in America is not a result of the president but the people who make up America.

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